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I will now explain!
Every two weeks I get vocabulary words, twenty to be precise. And now, in order to showcase my outstanding vocabulary, I will blog with eloquent language! The vocabulary words are underlined. 
And for your reading pleasure, this blog is even more enjoyable when read with a British accent.
The voluminous crowds at Disney World are enough to make anyone waive their opportunity to attend. But it would be stupid to obviate myself from the journey. We did meet our fantastic family members there. But really I do abhor being around so much chaos. Some would argue that the commodious space in the parks disperses the crowds, but I would have to discern that they are wrong, deeply, deeply wrong. It's rather corrosive on one's spirit to be buffeted about like a pinball. Although Disney amends it with excessive junk food and martinet fast-pass checkers. You may be pleased to find that the Dumbo's ride is extant and thriving.
Disney does a good job of implicating all of their various parts. I'm sure every single project ever observed by their company is represented. The toilets may be squalid and the employees somber (and that is very reprehensible), but its a great deal of fun to watch the turbulent and vociferous crowds.
The homeschool class that I took there was admirable. Basic physics was the subject. Yes, gripping, I know. Just as I was about to become a renegade student, I learned that several people have been actually intered in the haunted mansion. Yes, creepy and weird, I know.
Later Dude (thats really fun to say with a british accent). 
Aunt Stacey
1/21/2011 19:37:43

Okay, I did read it out loud to Morgan with a British accent and we really enjoyed it! Thanks for that great little tip about reading it w/the accent;)

Aunt Stacey

Briana Gonzales
1/22/2011 22:09:18

I cant do a british accent, so i made do with an australian one. it didnt sound as cool...


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