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For this blog post, I'm doing something very special. I have a guest blogger! It's my cousin, Jade! 
I recently had the honor of spending a week at Disney World with her and my other assorted family members. And Jade and I constantly got on the subject of the world famous Disney princesses. Come on, we all have seen the movies and have our favorite one. They are our secret role-models. Let's admitt it.
Anyway, this blog is Jade and my's reflections on the Disney Princesses (imagine that in pink swirly letters, it sets the mood up quite nicely).
Snow White:
Jade: She's charming, beuatiful, and a bit ditsy. What girl can't, or doesn't want to relate to that? ;) I love the way she always sees the bright side and truly lights up any room, and that she embraces and loves the work of a virtuous woman (cooking, cleaning, kissing the heads of dwarfs, exct.)
Emily: She has nice hair. And befor you right me off as shallow, think about it. Its all black and shiny, and in a super cute bob cut. But I agree with Jade, she's ditzy. I mean, evil old lady offers you an apple? Just say NO!!!
Jade: Even though she has been tredded upon and quite frankly; abused by her step mother and step sisters, she does not loose her temper or become any less sweet and gentle. On top of that, she is drop-dead gorgeous. But these are the things that make Cinderella a great roll model; she never stops hoping, whishing or dreaming. Optimism is one of the greatest qualities that a girl can have, and Cindy has most definetly got this one covered!
Emily: Honestly, she's a wee bit gullible. Her evil step mother makes her scrub the floors and wash the dishes till her dainty little hands bleed, and she still thinks shes going to the ball? But she and her mice friends probably did have a future in the sewing business, if she hadn't, you know, married the prince.   
Sleeping Beauty:
Jade: My favorite princess!!! The best thing about Aroara (who I consider my namesake because she is another jewel) is her grace and elegance. She is said to be the most beautiful out of all the princesses. Another great quality of hers is inocence. She's been kept from knowing her true identity for the majority of her life, and has been raised as a peasant girl without a care in the world. It results in a kind of carefree inocence; but when told she is a princess, you can see that she does not take anything lightly.
Emily: I think her little animal friends are cute and so is her prince. But I really cant believe she didnt suspect that she was from somewhere else for her whole life. The fairies must have put something in her food or a charm on her or something. But she is the prettiest one.  
Jade: I admire Jasmine for her self-worth and complacency; hence her line "I am NOT a prize to be won!" but this does not make her become unaware of her femininity. She still caries on with grace and beauty and is fully aware of her charms. Witty and independant, Jasmine is a princess with a lot of charisma.
Emily: Jasmine is my FAVORITE!!! I feel like we could be close friends, if we didnt live in seperate time periods. Plus she has a pet tiger! I want a pet tiger!  
Jade: Belle is inteligent and witty, and aspires to be more than the status quo requires of her. While every good (and bad) little french girl seeks the admiration of Gaston, Belle knows that there is something (or someone) better for her. She also desplays courage and tenderness in recuing her father.
Emily: Don't tell anyone I said this but of all the Princesses, Belle is the one I relate to the best. It's stupid how similar we are sometimes. Really, it is.
Jade: The amazing warrior-princess. Mulan has more character quality than meets the eye. She is beautiful, but does not recognise it and is very humble about her looks and over-all mannerisms. But this does not stop her when her father's life becomes in danger. Seeing all of the risks that she is taking, Mulan runs away from her home and saves all of China! Thus making her the honorary warrior-princess.
Emily: Mulan is my second favorite. A lot of people dont think of her as a princess, but, as you can see, I am not one of them. I used to watch this movie like every day!
Jade: I love Ariel for her personality, she's an ever-so-curious-princess who is downright unsatisfied by life under the sea. She not only trades her fish tail for legs; but gives up her voice. She works hard to acheive her goals and still cares for those around her. Ariel is the most intricate princess out of the disney princesses.
Emily: I must say that I will forever be jealous of Ariel for her hair. Second, I think that a voice for legs is a wee bit of an unfair trade, I'm just saying. 
Jade: Ambitious, loving, strong and beautiful are the words that describe Tiana. However, she takes chances, wishes, dreams and hopes. Even though she is a total work-aholic she keeps a smile on her face and has an inteligent, upright disposition.
Emily: I think Tiana is a work-o-holic. But for some reason, that's ok. For some reason, I think she went through to much more than the other princesses. Plus she makes a mean gumbo.
Jade: Where can I start? This girl has so many different hobies, feelings, and soooo much hair, but only one dream. Even though her evil mother Gothel forbids her to step outside the tower, Rapunzel takes the chance and sets off on a whirlwind adventure. Her inocence beauty, and pluckysticktoitivness make her a true rolemodel.
Emily: Before I say anything about Rapunzel, I must say that Flynn Rider is one of the most attractive annimated charecters I have ever come across! Now, Rupunzel. That girl is clueless, but that ok because she is unsocialized, the poor dear. I have to admire this chick's independance. Plus she has magic hair, so that's cool.
I know it was a little long faithful readers, but wasn't it worth it because you got to hear from someone besides me!
Tally-ho and toodle-ooo
-Emily (and Jade)

I will now explain!
Every two weeks I get vocabulary words, twenty to be precise. And now, in order to showcase my outstanding vocabulary, I will blog with eloquent language! The vocabulary words are underlined. 
And for your reading pleasure, this blog is even more enjoyable when read with a British accent.
The voluminous crowds at Disney World are enough to make anyone waive their opportunity to attend. But it would be stupid to obviate myself from the journey. We did meet our fantastic family members there. But really I do abhor being around so much chaos. Some would argue that the commodious space in the parks disperses the crowds, but I would have to discern that they are wrong, deeply, deeply wrong. It's rather corrosive on one's spirit to be buffeted about like a pinball. Although Disney amends it with excessive junk food and martinet fast-pass checkers. You may be pleased to find that the Dumbo's ride is extant and thriving.
Disney does a good job of implicating all of their various parts. I'm sure every single project ever observed by their company is represented. The toilets may be squalid and the employees somber (and that is very reprehensible), but its a great deal of fun to watch the turbulent and vociferous crowds.
The homeschool class that I took there was admirable. Basic physics was the subject. Yes, gripping, I know. Just as I was about to become a renegade student, I learned that several people have been actually intered in the haunted mansion. Yes, creepy and weird, I know.
Later Dude (thats really fun to say with a british accent). 
Ok, raise your hand if you've read the book or seen the movie. Ok we have one, two.....
Now raise you hand if you just raised your hand at the computer.
I read the book (or the book was read to me, whatever floats that boat of your's) in fifth grade. I'm pretty sure I watched the movie around that same time. But I reviseted the world of the Tuck's yesterday. And let me tell you, that movie was beautifully done. Really it was fantastic.
For those of you who have not read or seen, the story is that this family drinks from this magic spring and is now immortal. Well, not really immortal. It's more like stuck at their respective ages and they can't die. Seriously, they got shot and they were totally fine. Crazy right? But also totally fiction. Anyway, the Tuck's have been hidding out in the forest but they know they have to leave because the forest is being cut down for timber. Winnie Foster runs into them, they don't know if they can trust her and basically, she's held hostage, but then she starts to like Jesse Tuck, and they fall in love but the tucks have to leave and then one of them ends up in jail and Winnie helps them escape and then they have to leave. And then comes one of the saddest moments in all of movie-dom (the movie kingdom.
After telling Winnie that he will come back and they can be together forever, Jesse Tuck jumps on the back of the family wagon and yells ,"Winnie Foster! I will love you till the day I die!"
I cried like a pinched baby.
Five minutes later the movie is over
After composing myself, which took much longer than it should have, I went to bed.
And then I questioned what I would do if I could live forever. I still don't know what I would do first, I guess it wouldn't matter because I have forever.
So the long and short of it is that the movie made me sad and made me think. Both are terrible things for a movie to do.