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Hey everyone! Yes, I realize that I have not bloged for a while, and yes I realize you really wish I would blog more than once a month. I will try to get on that, but Mom and Dad are wearing me out with epic bike rides and shopping. Its tiring. I write this while munching on a bagel in Portland, Oregon. 
As you may know, This general area is know to be inhabited by a animal/man thing known as Bigfoot. And while driving to the lovely Kamp Klamath (RV park of awesome) I saw Bigfoot.
Ok, it wasnt Bigfoot. it was some hiker that was wearing head to toe brown and had dreadlocks (i kid you not, he walked like Bigfoot too). After I pointed out the Bigfoot wannabe, I realized he was not, in fact a mythical creatuer. It was an honest mistake, I swear.
After leaving Kamp Klamath we went to Walmart. Its a great place to just hang out in your RV. We spent the night there because it was free. There were two other RVs also induldging in the free-ness of the Walmart parking-lot. One of the RVs looked really old and dirty. In the morning, who should climb out of this RV but a hippie! He came over and talked to my dad for a while. Apperently on this tiny, old, dirty RV,was the temporary home of 9 people, 3 dogs, and one baby. I know, crazy, right?
After we moved on from that Walmart we went to get gas. The homeless guys in front of the gas station were talking to my dad saying that Ozzy Osborn must be touring because that was a bus he would use. Ok, Ozzy, if your reading this, sorry we stole your bus. To the homeless guys in front of that gas station, my dad will forever be known as "TOUR BUS GUY"!!!       
That is a name to live up to.
I promise to 
Hello again everyone. right now i would like to give a shout out to my Grammy! I love you! Thank you for reading this blog! Now I would like to widen the thank you to the rest of you that are reading this! Thank you this much [                                              ]
As I write this I listen to the soothing music of Taylor Swift. I can see how she won all those awards.
But now to something a little more serious. Twilight. OOOOOOH! I just got shivers right there. about two days ago i gave in and finally read Twilight and New Moon (No, I have not joined team Edward or Team Jacob. I'm sorry, I will always be Team Harry). Despite my disdain for these books  have to say, it wasn't that bad. I am still the anti-Twilight. But it didn't kill me to read it. It was kinda corny, but come to think of it every book is a little corny. I thought that the first two books were well written and  didn't want to stop reading all that badly. If you haven't read them go ahead and stay pure, but I, in a word, have crossed over to the dark side. The cold, dark side of Forks, Washington. What have I done?
O, well. It's to late now.
greatings internet users. you have reached emily's blog. i hope this is what you were looking for but if it isn't i'm sorry. just hit the x at the top of the page. i bet most of you have noticed that i have not used any capitalization so far in this blog. and i appologize to all of you ocd grammer freaks that are reading this, but i think you will survive. i'm just babbling right now because i really have nothing to talk to you about. no deep thoughts. no interesting stories nothing. i dont know what to write about so if you have any ideas for my blog subjects please shout out a comment. im begging you. please.
anyway today we are in san deigo the land of my birth or at least the general area. i am sitting on the couch watching ncis. i feel so lucky. for those of you that dont know about ncis, you need to watch tv more. yes i know you mother told you not to watch to much tv or your brain will turn to mush but i think you will be ok after a 24 hour marathon.