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It began on a hot summer day. The Atkinson clan was traveling along the road from Tucson to Camp Buckner, when suddenly, Dad realizes something is wrong.
Quickly pulling off to the side of the relatively busy highway with smoke coming from somewhere on the great monsterous bus we call our home.
We stayed there for four hours. 
Luckily, my dad can fix anything. 
Something was wrong with a part and there was heat involved and things melted and got gross and dirty. All next to a busy highway.
That little part was the source of our troubles. Thankfully, Dad could make a quick repair with a bic pen and two hose clamps. Unfortunatly, this wouldnt last forever. We had to make a stop in Pecos, Texas, and wait for the new part to be shipped to us.
While Pecos is the home of the first rodeo and is mentioned in every western movie ever made, there isn't much to do there. I Googled "Things to do in Pecos, Texas." Number one is a museum about the first rodeo. Number four was Dairy Queen. 
Upon further inspection, we discovered that this Dairy Queen was new and very nice.
We spent a lot of our time at the hardware store and Sonic.  
Even Nutmeg got bored.
We got out safely, and arrived at camp on time. But for anyone looking to vacation in Texas, I would suggest steering clear of Pecos, unless, of course there is a rodeo.
And if you're going to be fixing a bus on the side of the road in West Texas, you will get dirty. So dirty.