Bigfoot and Homeless Guys - Atkinson Adventure
Hey everyone! Yes, I realize that I have not bloged for a while, and yes I realize you really wish I would blog more than once a month. I will try to get on that, but Mom and Dad are wearing me out with epic bike rides and shopping. Its tiring. I write this while munching on a bagel in Portland, Oregon. 
As you may know, This general area is know to be inhabited by a animal/man thing known as Bigfoot. And while driving to the lovely Kamp Klamath (RV park of awesome) I saw Bigfoot.
Ok, it wasnt Bigfoot. it was some hiker that was wearing head to toe brown and had dreadlocks (i kid you not, he walked like Bigfoot too). After I pointed out the Bigfoot wannabe, I realized he was not, in fact a mythical creatuer. It was an honest mistake, I swear.
After leaving Kamp Klamath we went to Walmart. Its a great place to just hang out in your RV. We spent the night there because it was free. There were two other RVs also induldging in the free-ness of the Walmart parking-lot. One of the RVs looked really old and dirty. In the morning, who should climb out of this RV but a hippie! He came over and talked to my dad for a while. Apperently on this tiny, old, dirty RV,was the temporary home of 9 people, 3 dogs, and one baby. I know, crazy, right?
After we moved on from that Walmart we went to get gas. The homeless guys in front of the gas station were talking to my dad saying that Ozzy Osborn must be touring because that was a bus he would use. Ok, Ozzy, if your reading this, sorry we stole your bus. To the homeless guys in front of that gas station, my dad will forever be known as "TOUR BUS GUY"!!!       
That is a name to live up to.
I promise to 
7/21/2010 21:41:28

Love your blog story. Keep it up and you'll have a book at the end of this trip.

7/28/2010 23:00:32

I miss you. I think I saw snow in some of pictures on the blog. It sounds like you all are reading alot. I hope you are growing in the Lord too.
Love you.

9/17/2010 23:53:54

HE WAS A DOPPLEGANGER!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! dude seriously the comment i posted on your twilight blog said i had "too many exclamation points" you know what they just suck on their juice box. but whatever makes their bananas split. hahaha. i crack myself up.

11/6/2010 01:40:43

thts soo funny..btw u r a great writer


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