Blog #1 - Atkinson Adventure
greatings internet users. you have reached emily's blog. i hope this is what you were looking for but if it isn't i'm sorry. just hit the x at the top of the page. i bet most of you have noticed that i have not used any capitalization so far in this blog. and i appologize to all of you ocd grammer freaks that are reading this, but i think you will survive. i'm just babbling right now because i really have nothing to talk to you about. no deep thoughts. no interesting stories nothing. i dont know what to write about so if you have any ideas for my blog subjects please shout out a comment. im begging you. please.
anyway today we are in san deigo the land of my birth or at least the general area. i am sitting on the couch watching ncis. i feel so lucky. for those of you that dont know about ncis, you need to watch tv more. yes i know you mother told you not to watch to much tv or your brain will turn to mush but i think you will be ok after a 24 hour marathon.
7/5/2010 20:12:44

Well, I'm glad you're posting on your website. I would suggest sharing your favorite thing or things from camp. Also if you made any new friends. How abut if you share some of the books, duct tape or other things you do on the ride. Share what you are really feeling about being on the bus (good or bad) and also if you would share your daily surprises etc. Lots to share and you are a good writer so go for it.

Mrs. Rhodes
7/6/2010 00:36:00

Emily! As your 8th grade grammar teacher, it is my duty to chastize you about your lack of capitalization. If I don't do it, no one else will. I can forgive and forget if you do one thing for 1 posting with capitalization and dedicate it to me! :) I will miss your smiling face!!! Can't wait to follow your great adventure.

7/6/2010 17:15:27

Mrs. Rhodes! Have no fear! I have chastised her PLENTY about her lack of punctuation and grammar utilization. She has assured me that future posts will include such correctness as well as sharing some actual ideas and information. I'm giving her a few tries to "warm up" then I may have to start giving some writing assignments of my own. I love being a teacher!

11/6/2010 01:27:56

well that was interesting it made me lough


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