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The world is full of books and people who read books and write books and edit books and people who sell books. My point is that we have a culture in which books play an important role. I have a list of go to recomend-able books for assorted age groups and such. I know that you probably have a book that you want everyone to read. But here is my top Five Books That Everyone should read and why.
1.) The Book Theif. Its my favorite-est book. Ever. It's starting to take hold and is required in some advanced English classes. I'm so proud of it. *wipes tear and sniffles a little*
2.) Artemis Fowl. The whole series on this one. Its really great fantasy. But there is plenty of action and such as well. 
3.) Two words, Dude. Harry. Potter. Read it. Love it. Or Voldemort will come for you.
4.) So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones. Or anything by Jenny. Why, you ask? Because Miss. Jones is one of the funniest Christian Chick Liturature Authors, EVER. I laugh histarically whenerver I read anything by her. Plus it's Christian, and therefore, not dirty.
5. The Westing Game. Good book. Quick read. But the main reason this is a favorite is because it is a muder mystery. its so good it makes me want to sing. LAAAAAAAA!
And there are many more that I have read and will read. But I'm running out of material on the to read pile so if you would be so kind as to post recomendations, that would make me really sing. LAAAA!!! LAAAAAA!!!!! LAAAAAAAAA!!!!  
(Just remember that I have read many books. My fantastic cousin Morgan can testify, she has like half my books)   
Well... Maybe she has more like 2/3. The library has about 1/3. I know that doesnt add up because i have like 1/6 or 1/8 or 1/10. It feels like 1/10.  
Bye! And thanks again to Morgan for babysitting my books!

2/4/2011 11:38:35

Sounds like you're hungry for some good reads. I'm sorry but I can't think of any suggestions other than some classics " Anne Of Green Gables", also some good historical biographies related to the presidents etc. It will help when you get into your govt. classes and also you'll be amazed at what you learn. LOL

2/5/2011 03:50:47

Once again, all and any Robin Mckinley, you would love them i think. Hmmm.....have you read the thief series, i reread those all the time they're really good, uh.....yup

2/5/2011 05:10:54

Another great read is the Land of Elyon series, it's one of my favorites, along with Descision Points by George Bush. However, the bible overrules EVERY book.

2/7/2011 12:08:04

Oh my gosh Jade! I think I've read those too!!! And I gotta agree with the Bible rating....Em read that one


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