Christmas in April - Atkinson Adventure
So the other day we got this huge box from my Aunt Donna, who is amazing and thoughtful and sweeter than the fruit punch drink mix that they have here. It had Altoids and a couple of shirts for Max and a scarf and a shirt for me and Altoids for my parents and basically it was Christmas in the middle of a really stressful week.
I think the best part about mail here is that it never shows up when you expect but it always shows up wen you need it most. She sent that package weeks ago, and it happened to get here on the most stressful and crazy week that we have had here.
I'm not saying that it was perfect timing, but it was totally perfect timing.
So a huge thank you out to Aunt Donna and Uncle Randy for sending us a super awesome package!
Oh yeah! Did I mention the soap and the bug spray? Oh my gosh. Bug spray is so important. My legs look very.... spotted.
Aunt Donna
5/1/2013 01:40:40

Emily, I am so glad the package arrived when it did. I knew that was a week that was stressful and prayed it would arrive then. I'm glad you liked everything and hope the clothes really fit. I hope the book bag is just what you wanted.Your family is so important to me an Uncle Randyy..we love you all. Let me know when you run out of SSS.I love you Aunt Donna. Tell all hello.


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