Downton Carnival - Atkinson Adventure
Ok. So here we are, settling in. I've spent most of the weekend cleaning our nice and new apartment. The 24-7 scrubbing started on Friday when we moved in and hasn't really stopped. That is until last night.
Because last night was the Super Bowl.
Because last night was the first night of Carnival.
And mostly because last night was the premier of Downton Abbey, season three, episode six.
It was pretty eventful.
I actually didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I was to busy crying my eyes-
yeah, if you watched Downton you know.
It's really pretty cool. Some of the teachers slash staff here at Doulos have a little Downton Club and they get together and eat and watch and laugh at Dame Maggie Smith.  It's a good time.
Anyway, as i mentioned before, Carnival started last night. Up here in small town, DR, it isn't as wild, but that doesn't mean that the music wasn't way louder then normal or traffic was easy. The entire Avanida (main road) was blocked off and let me tell you right now, the Avanida is a really, really busy road. Pretty much everyone has to drive or walk on it to get anywhere and its the only way to get into town besides this scary dirt road that's only big enough for one car. Yeah. But that's the way everyone had to go. I didn't really go farther than down the street last night but pretty much everyone I've talked to had a (or multiple) near-death experience in the traffic last night. No one is actually even hurt but there are three more Sundays before Carnival is over.
Thanks for reading!
Cathy Letkeman
4/10/2013 15:26:19

Well Miss Emily.. you look lovely, first of all :). You always did have a beautiful smile. I can not even imagine what a culture shock it must be living in the DR. When I was 12, I remember visiting the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago (where my parents were born & raised), and having sensory overload :). I spotted an igauna moving languidly across my grandmother's back yard, the vegetation was lush & green, and you felt wet from head to toe pretty much the second you put your toe out the door :). People talked a mile a minute, but moved through life at such a relaxed pace that you couldn't be entirely sure time was actually moving on the clock. There were large mosquitoes, and gigantic toads, and after a tropical downpour, I was certain I had been transported to ancient Egypt, experiencing the second plague--frogs everywhere! And the explosion of color! From the people and their clothing, to the clear aqua blue of the ocean. Then there was the food...a plethora of tastes and textures... some I wasn't so crazy about, and some I absolutely loved. Carnival was something my dad told me about, as it was a big part of their culture too. The way my dad described it, it sounded like a big party with colorful costumes and lively music. From what you shared, it sounds like Carnival is also not an entirely safe time :)

Well, Miss Em, I've rambled on for a bit there :), but I just wanted to encourage you to keep singing (are you?), and keep writing... hey! why not put the two together and do some songwriting? :) I'm sure your experiences and adventures could provide lots of inspiration for a song, and would be a neat way for others to hear your heart, or maybe just the Lord if you're not inclined to share :) Maybe you've already written a few? In any event, remember you are loved!


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