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Now I know that you have been on an airplane before. If not, you'll get there someday. 
A few weeks ago, I went to Azerbaijan, for those of you who don't know where that is here is a map.
In order to get there my mother and i flew from Tucson, AZ  to Charlotte, NC to Chicago IL to Istanbul, Turkey to Baku Azerbaijan. If i counted correctly thats four planes and 24 plus hours of travel. The flight from Chicago to Istanbul was twelve hours. TWELVE!!! Do you know what twelve hours in a chair feels like? It feels bad. 
In order to help myself survive, I compiled a list of  helpful tips.
1. DRINK WATER. if you dont drink water you get dehydrated and you get a headache and everything is worse when a small dwarf army is pounding hammers in your head.
2. BRING A BOOK. If your like me and you can't sleep in any place but a bed, you need stuff to do. I did sleep on th plane but only after I had been awake for twenty two straight hours. I read my book at our seven hour layover in Turkey.
3. PRAY FOR PERSONAL MEDIA PLAYERS. Most airlines have these for overseas flights. they are attached to the headrest in front of you and mine littereally saved me from going crazy. I watched movies the whole way there.
4. DON"T ACCEPT FOOD FROM THE CREEPY GUY NEXT TO YOU. Ok this did happen to me. He kept asking me where i was from and how many languages I spoke and how old i was. Then he brought out his roasted chicken and flatbread (how did he get that past the TSAs?) and offered it to me, which was very kind of him, but also made me think he may have escaped from the asylum.
5. WHEN IN DOUBT, IPOD OUT. Your iPod will be your best friend. Use it to ward of people like the one mentioned above.
6. DON'T LOSE YOUR PASSPORT. If you lose your passport, bad things happen. i gave mine to my mom and that was nice because I didn't have to worry about it.
7. IF YOU DON'T SCREAM, THEY UNDERSTAND BETTER. Don't shout at the poor people, they are doing their jobs. Vent about it later to someone who speaks the same language as you.
ANd thats about it, sorry i haven't posted in so long, I was out of the country and the RV parks had terrible internet connection.
Aunt Stacey
6/15/2011 02:13:47

Seriously, how did that guy get a chicken through security!!? Couldn't one hide something lethal in a roast chicken?
It was good to read another post from you:)
Aunt Stacey

Michele Desilets
8/10/2011 10:15:00

i saw this on Facebook, very cute and entertaining. What a sweet guy that sat next to you. Glad you didn't accept the chicken never know...about chickens!!!

10/12/2013 09:26:24

Great blog, I'm great I found Weebly!


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