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School started for me today. Gross, I know. But part of my English credit is blogging so your daily dose of Emily will hopefully be satisfied.
Today I want to address the importance of music in my life. Without music, life would plunge into awkward silence. Just think how terrible that would be. Awkward silence going on and on and on and on till eventually we are all driven to madness. 
Ok, it may not be that bad but still, silence kills me.
Life would be like, 17,342,798,241,743,985,563,167 times cooler with background music though, I just gotta say.
My favorite music is the kind thats upbeat, but not a dance track. This type of music is in short, short supply. I'm a sucker for piano and violin music thrown in there too. Also if we didnt have music some people would have nothing in common. The music that you like describes you, in my hardly acountable opinion. 
Here, have some of those crazy "think about it questions 
1. Who agrees with me when i say that you can tell alot about a person by their ipod or lack-there-of?  
2. What do you think your ipod tells about you?
3. Name your favorite song slash artist slash album.
You can comment with you answers if you wanna.
Then comment on what you think of a blog survey (cuz i want to know about you guys too) 
9/17/2010 12:26:00

Good writing.


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