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Now, I don't exactly know where i'm going with this blog. But we'll name it ramblings and see where it goes.
Now at this exact moment, I'm watching American Idol. Before I go any further, this is the first year that I've accutally sorta kinda acctually followed the show (I like Casey and Lauren and Scotty. Ok, I like pretty much all of them, except for that one Jacob dude, he's weird). Before this year, I only watched TV on the weekends. (Oh, the Black Eyes Peas just came on. Can we say autotune?). American Idol is pretty much devoted to the whole fame and fortune thing. Anyway that got me thinking about fame and all the different ways that people become famous.
People get famous for singing really good and singing really badly. And they get famous for doing what I'm doing right now. Blogging. And Vloging (you know, video blogging). Yeah, I thought about though about doing a video blog, but I'm sick and don't exactly look my best.
(You know, this is the first time I've gotten sick since going on the road. It's making me crazy)     
Anyway, Vlogging. Do you know how many there are? Pretty much every other person on the internet is a vlogger (or knows a vlogger). Anyway (have you noticed that I use that word all the time?), I don't know, I feel as though I like the blogging slash vlogging society a little more than the tv slash film crowd. I don' get why, its probably because I'm part of the blogging slash vlogging crowd and not the tv slash film crowd. But I feel that the bloggin slash vlogging crowd is a bit more personal. I mean the Pioneer Woman was famous for being the Pioneer Woman, and Daniel Radcliff is famous for being Harry Potter. I don't know, Thats the way i see it.
Well, I'm a bit tired and the good people of America have voted Karen off of American Idol. 
The opposite of earlier to the alligators of the world 
Get it? 
Its like later gators, but more prestigious.(
Its funnier with a british accent
Oh, forget it-
3/20/2011 06:32:10

Charlieissocoollike... nuff said

3/20/2011 11:01:49

I had a hard time following this blog.
Are you taking a decongestant ,)

marilyn young
3/21/2011 05:06:44

read your blog - keep writing

Aunt Mary/ Nana Nard
3/24/2011 13:41:52

You and Jade are such a delight as I read I can see each of you. Keep writing. Love you Both,AM/NN


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