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Since begining this journey, i feel as though i have matured somewhat. Ok. i probably havent matured at all. i probably have lost countless IQ points and quite a bit of maturity. But I do know things now that i didn't know then. Like when RV people talk about the honeypot, they are not talking about the storage place for Winnie the Pooh's favorite snack. They are talking about black water. Which, in actuallity is brown and not very watery. Trust me, you have not lived untill you have seen Buster take a dump.
But I have gotten a little off topic here. 
I came across a facebook group that stated "remember when we were kids and Pluto was still a planet?" Well, random facebook user, yes I do remember. Good times. I look on those memories with fondness. 
Like the time I got silly putty in my hair. Or got a head injury going down a metal slide, or the time i fell off my bike or the time I nearly cut my tongue in half while falling out of a tree (I still have the scar). Or the time I neary drowned or the time I got my fingers stuck in the car window. 
Let's just say I was accident prone and leave me with what little dignaty I have left. 
Actually, scratch that, I still am accident prone. A certain ankle spraining in California comes to mind.
All I'm saying is I don't really think of myself as an adult yet. A lot of people my age want to be treated as adults. To that I say, no thank you. Seriously, to the 14 year olds out there, do you really want a 9 to 5? I am legally a child, so a child I shall be. Bring on the coloring books and Dora the Explorer and the chicken fingers and the ice cream only after you have finished all you dinner. I deserve to be immature at some point so why not now? 
Now don't get me wrong, I am preparing myself for the future. I will not always be a kid, but I will remember those days with fondness and comemerate them with Disney movie marathons and colering books the size of encyclopedias. And maybe I will become slightly less clumsy as a grow up. Just kidding, I'll proably trip over my own feet till the day I die
2/22/2011 02:29:45

Hey now I think I am way more clumsy than you.

2/22/2011 06:39:53

Well, you're more clumsy. But I'm graceful compared to you and clumsy compared to ballerinas.

2/22/2011 10:56:28

I so don't want to grow up, I call myself an anti-teen

2/24/2011 23:24:05

We doubled over with laughter with you description of Buster and the "dump". Keep those entries coming.
Also, it is very mature to be the age you are instead of rushing things!LOL

3/13/2011 15:28:40

I have a ballerina friend and she is like a little less clumsy than me.

10/19/2013 17:30:52

Is there a way to search blogs on Weebly?


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