Thoughts - Atkinson Adventure
In some ways it never happened. In some ways those two weeks have completely faded into oblivion. The mosquito bites and the tan faded. I took a shower and it actually made me cleaner.
In other ways those two weeks were everything and the marks of them are everywhere. The bracelet my new friend made me. The henna tattoo. The nail polish on my toes.

I like to think that a year or two from now I will go back to Brazil and it will be like nothing at all has changed. The kids will still ask for candy. The food will still be rice and beans and mystery meat. Because it's absolutely perfect that way.
The only difference should be me. I should know Portuguese and break down that pesky language barrier. I will be more prepared and will come home with the satisfaction of knowing lives were changed. Not that that didn't happen this time. It will just happen again on a larger scale. A much larger scale.

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