Tuck Everlasting - Atkinson Adventure
Ok, raise your hand if you've read the book or seen the movie. Ok we have one, two.....
Now raise you hand if you just raised your hand at the computer.
I read the book (or the book was read to me, whatever floats that boat of your's) in fifth grade. I'm pretty sure I watched the movie around that same time. But I reviseted the world of the Tuck's yesterday. And let me tell you, that movie was beautifully done. Really it was fantastic.
For those of you who have not read or seen, the story is that this family drinks from this magic spring and is now immortal. Well, not really immortal. It's more like stuck at their respective ages and they can't die. Seriously, they got shot and they were totally fine. Crazy right? But also totally fiction. Anyway, the Tuck's have been hidding out in the forest but they know they have to leave because the forest is being cut down for timber. Winnie Foster runs into them, they don't know if they can trust her and basically, she's held hostage, but then she starts to like Jesse Tuck, and they fall in love but the tucks have to leave and then one of them ends up in jail and Winnie helps them escape and then they have to leave. And then comes one of the saddest moments in all of movie-dom (the movie kingdom.
After telling Winnie that he will come back and they can be together forever, Jesse Tuck jumps on the back of the family wagon and yells ,"Winnie Foster! I will love you till the day I die!"
I cried like a pinched baby.
Five minutes later the movie is over
After composing myself, which took much longer than it should have, I went to bed.
And then I questioned what I would do if I could live forever. I still don't know what I would do first, I guess it wouldn't matter because I have forever.
So the long and short of it is that the movie made me sad and made me think. Both are terrible things for a movie to do.

Kaylee Bowers
1/14/2011 21:30:56

Ah the memories. It's interesting to see what deep thoughts are inspired by random things hm. Eternity....what does it even mean? Whatever it is, however long it may be, there's no way we can wrap our small little minds about it. God is so cool!

Emily Atkinson
1/15/2011 15:00:29

I totally agree! And dictionary dot com's definition for eternity was something along the lines of "not mortal." I wonder what genius thought of that.

Briana Gonzales
1/15/2011 15:39:22

best book ever!!!

Aunt Stacey
1/21/2011 19:35:01

Hi Emily:) I just had to comment on your post about Tuck Everlasting. That book is one of my favorites! I like imagining different endings than the book leaves us with and/or filling in the details of the ending that was written.

It's been a long time since I have seen the movie and I do remember that I liked it, however I still feel the book was better.

Morgan and I just read your last 2 posts too and enjoyed them. I wonder if I could get her to blog her school work;)

Love ya,
Aunt Stace

Kaylee Bowers
1/22/2011 11:05:59

Hey i saw the movie the first time the other night! I was so unhappy about her choice, but was forced to acknowledge the fact that i would have picked the same thing! Ha ha ha stupid dictionary....they would


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