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Hello again everyone. right now i would like to give a shout out to my Grammy! I love you! Thank you for reading this blog! Now I would like to widen the thank you to the rest of you that are reading this! Thank you this much [                                              ]
As I write this I listen to the soothing music of Taylor Swift. I can see how she won all those awards.
But now to something a little more serious. Twilight. OOOOOOH! I just got shivers right there. about two days ago i gave in and finally read Twilight and New Moon (No, I have not joined team Edward or Team Jacob. I'm sorry, I will always be Team Harry). Despite my disdain for these books  have to say, it wasn't that bad. I am still the anti-Twilight. But it didn't kill me to read it. It was kinda corny, but come to think of it every book is a little corny. I thought that the first two books were well written and  didn't want to stop reading all that badly. If you haven't read them go ahead and stay pure, but I, in a word, have crossed over to the dark side. The cold, dark side of Forks, Washington. What have I done?
O, well. It's to late now.
7/8/2010 15:38:24

yeah right i saw you begging mom yesturday

Jennifer L
7/8/2010 17:12:29

Well well....I was just asking your mom how you were movin' along on those books. You're living in a bus parked in my front yard, and I haven't seen you in two days, so I assumed you were.....moderately engrossed. Since you've crossed over, i guess i will take the leap too. As payment for using my shower, you can leave those books on my coffee table. ;-) Hope to see you again in an hour or so.

7/10/2010 14:10:21

HAH! Max outted you!! I would like to inform the masses of "Emily's Blog" fans that not only was she probably begging her mother to read them...I can recall a couple years ago trying to sneak a peak at one while we were in Emily m'dear, your feigned indifference has not fooled me:)

Aunt Stacey
7/10/2010 17:09:12

Emily, I'm glad to see that you used punctuation, etc. in this post. It makes it so much easier to read.

I haven't read any of those books either, but I loved the two you left for us to read by Jessica Day George! I just finished Princess of the Midnight Ball.

I'm looking forward to reading your next post. I'll show Morgan your blog so she can comment too:) Love ya!

7/11/2010 00:01:35

hi Emily! i can't believe u crossed 2 the dark side! and i can't believe max betrayed u saying that u were begging! hehe! i'm not using caps.!
and i'm 1 of those ocd grammar freaks:) miss u a lot. your grandma lucy brought me yummy cookies 2day!

Amy Baum
7/13/2010 07:26:35

Love it! I read the first one and quit, vowing to only watch the movies from here on out. Haven't seen the new one yet but I am looking forward to it! Miss you and hope you are having fun in the big bus! Love the Baums.

7/13/2010 20:17:11

Hi to my oldest grandaughter. WOW.
I remember your birth day!
It's 107 today. What's the temp where you are? We went to Chandler to visit our friends this weekend and it was hot there also. I can't go out midday it's a great time to take a siesta. We put Tank in the kennel while we were in Chandler. He came home very glad to see us. He's funny.Sophie stayed with Aunt Stacey. I'm busy knitting and I asked your mom to get your birthday present from us because you wouldn't get it in time if we didn't do it that way. If I remember right 14 is a very good year because you can still be a kid but there are new things you get to do because you're old enough.I had Grandad put a shelf up over my sewing machine so I can have more storage.
The pool is cool (83) and the hot tub is too hot (107). Be sure to keep your reading pure! Lots of love, Grammy.

Aunt Stacey
7/21/2010 09:17:47

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!! I can't believe you are 14 today!

You must post something, Morgan and I check your blog regularly (as do your many fans, I'm sure) and we want to know what you are up to. Morgan gets her cast off tomorrow. Woohoo!

Have a great birthday:) Love ya!


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