Veggie Tales - Atkinson Adventure
This one is short. Sorry. 
Veggie Tales, the fantastic ,the wonderful, the hilarious. Dang, I love those guys. Pa Grape is my favorite. I have started re-watching all of the episodes we have on DVD this week, but that was less than half of out collection (which included VHS and DVD). So the amount of Veggie Tales submersion has been low. Now some of you may be saying to yourself 'Veggie Tales! Why is she watching those, when she could be having a Star Wars slash Lord of the Rings marathon?" The fact of the matter is that Veggie Tales is more stimulateing for the senses. The colors are brighter, and quite frankly it's more happy than anything on right now.

Ok, bye.
10/23/2010 01:57:15

Keep on keeping on! Puzzles, knitting reading and experiencing a new area of the country to live in!
Your adventure is unfolding moment by moment. Love you,


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