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Vegitarianism. Gosh, when you say it like that it sounds like a religion or something. I wonder who even came up with the idea of it. I mean, they probably loved animals, had insanely slow matabolisms, and didn't care if they were protien deficiant. 
Anyway, as mentioned in a preveous blog, I tried vegitarianism for the month of October. Quite frankly, 24 hours into it I wanted to quit. Not eating meat just doesn't work for me, plus I have a deep seeded hate for cows and I feel bad when I eat vegitables because of my Veggie Tales friends. I mean, what if I ate Bob's cousin or Larry's sister or Junior's uncle. Or worse, the charecters themselves.
I will now try to comprise a list of all the times I ate meat in October.
On the 2nd I ate that little smocky. A week later I had a piece of chicken off of Mom's salad. I had some chilie a couple days later, then I had some soup that was practicly so full of meat I couldn't pick it out, I swear. And today I had more chilie. And there were a couple other times, but some things shouild be kept private. 
The point is I can't live without meat, and tomorrow I will have a steak dinner to celebrate.
Now tomorrow also starts something very important. Meaning Nanowrimo!!!!
for those of you who don't know what that is (a.k.a. everyone). It is National Novel Writing Month (see Na-No-Wri-Mo) or Write A Novel In A Month Month. I'm expecting insanity out of this. writing starts at midnight.
Oh and Happy All Hallows Eve. 
11/2/2010 12:45:29

Well, it sounds like you are moving on to some other things. Now you know you are not meant to be a vegetarian and you would have not known without the test run. `Write that novel and make sure you use the spell check.......
Our weather is beautiful and we will have the Trues in town from Nov.6-11. We'll be cooking. Love you and hope your enjoying your journey. You're a very lucky family to be able to live the dream!
Love you,

11/5/2010 18:09:03

Emily wow i didnt know that you have a blog but your blog is interesting. i didnt go to bed untill i was reading all ur posts they were all interesting.. so what is your novel going to be about..?ohh and another very special think that was in the 1st of november...It was Halle's Bday :)

11/22/2010 12:16:00

Hi Emily!!!
Let me just say that your blog is hilarious! How's the novel going? PLEASE try to post more often. Oh, and I just wanted to letcha know that I've become a Debater (gasp). I'll try to keep you posted as to where the tournaments are at and hope that you can come to at least one! How's living in Buster been so far? Crowded? Cozy? I LOVE small spaces; in fact I have a fear of being in large spaces. Hope to hear from you soon!!!


11/22/2010 12:17:11

By the way.. it's your cousin Jade, hahaha ;)


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