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I concider myself a relatively patient person. Ok, I may not be prize winning, but I can handle an hour or two in a badly decorated waiting room. I attribute most of my patience to my trusty camo drawstring bag. I never leave home without it. Well almost never. But this trusty bag has gotten me through drives to Pheonix, doctors appointments, and the dreaded errands. This thing holds all things near and dear to my heart, including, iPod, Blackberry, wallet, assorted books, and camera. I veiw my patience more as my ability to plan ahead. 
But for those of you who don't know, my family is spending a year on the road. We had a grand total of  seven weeks on the road and two weeks in Hawaii and a whopping three weeks in Tucson. This time in tucson has been spent waiting and waiting and waiting.
I havent been, like not doing anything. We just haven't done what we were supposed to be doing right now.
But I can deal. Remember, I am a relatively patient person. There isn't much I can't handle without my camo bag, but still, if I don't get out of this heat, like we were supposed to, I may start to slowly desend into madness.
But there are a few things that I am doing that will keep me from doing so.
For the entire month of October I will be a vegitarian. In the month of November, I am going to write a novel. I think in the end i will have done something that is enhancing every month. But I can't think of any other things to do. 
Untill next time,
9/30/2010 08:05:31

Hahahahahaha. you have your trusty camo bag and i have my wonder coach purse.

10/1/2010 21:59:03

How about making knitting one of your goals, memorizing the love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13.
Also, find some tasty new veggies snacks so you stay healthy on your veggie food. Blog the emotions you are going through as you make this food and travel journey. LOVE, LOVE, you.


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