If you're wondering how Joe ended up in Haiti, it all started about 3 months ago when we met Jenn and Amy and learned about their plans for Second Mile Ministries.  We met at an Einsteins Bagel in Tucson, and now they are showing him around Haiti. 

Surely God must have orchestrated this.
Read more about it here.

So Jenn and Amy headed  back to Haiti on January 8, 2012 and set out to buy a truck, find some land to buy, prepare to build their facility, and get on with it!  Oh to be young and full of that much energy!  In addition to a great conference opportunity, all the pieces worked together to make this trip happen.  Joe's main goal is to see what business opportunities are available for ministries like Second Mile and what other ways IYT could be involved with the rebuilding of the economy of Haiti.

Here's a picture he snapped as they were heading to the Partners Worldwide Conference in Petionville.   Partners Worldwide works around the world in business as ministry to end world poverty.  
Joe, Jenn and Amy are joined by a group from One Globe Fund  (That's Jenn and Amy on the right.)  Is that THE truck?  I think it must be!
_At church on Sunday:  "These ladies were so happy to see Jenn and Amy. They made my day! Even though we were in the sunlight they brightened the space."
Haitian "nannies" will be an key part of the ministry to sick children and their families.  The Nannies will be providing the majority of the direct care and mentoring of moms.  Most importantly they are spiritual leaders!

Jenn, Joe and Amy at church.
As the One Global Fund group leaves today, our friend, Peter Weinman is joining Joe for the rest of the trip to get some video footage of the area and various ministry work going on in the area.  It's really great to have missions-minded friends.

Hope to post more this week as I hear from our Haiti travelers!