Gloria a Dios!
Church life looks a little like this...

...a great pastor who speaks very fast, of course in Spanish, sometimes there's a translator (when a large group of English speakers are visiting),

...energetic, loud worship, usually accompanied by jumping and sometimes dancing around.  We had a group of high school students from Washington a few weeks ago and they looked a little wary, but it's completely refreshing to be a part of this worship service.

...I'm usually looking up words in my pocket dictionary, scribbling notes and making lists of things to look up later.  But sometimes I just sit and bask in God's love for me without having to understanding anything else because I can't! week we couldn't see the screens where the pastor will put up scripture, quotes and other notes (we all find these extremely helpful) and there was no translator this week...a few minutes into the sermon, I look over and both kids had given up trying to follow and just started reading their Bibles.  It's always a good idea to have your Bible at church, no?

...another thing I love about this church is when the pastor's wife finishes with the announcements (and I think of some other beautiful pastor's wives that would be so great at this as well) all of the children stand and everyone extends a hand and prayer for them before they are dismissed to children's church for the remainder of the service.  Love this!  Chidren are shown how they are loved and an important part of this church family.'s close enough to walk to, although we usually drive.  Por que?  No se.

 I am continually reminded that God's church extends to the whole world.  No country, nationality or race holds an exclusive right to Christianity.  The beauty of the Lord shines on the faces of His people all over the world.