I don't know how it happens.  All of a sudden I look up and weeks have passed since I posted to our blog.  Plenty has happened in the last 4 weeks...more on that.

A brief recap:
From Florida, we drove to Rock Hlll and Ebenezer State Park.  We felt like regulars.  Except this time of year (the NICE time) the park was much fuller with lots of people weekend camping and boating.  It felt like a different place!  We did miss Hap and Frances, our neighbors the last time we were here.

Joe and John went to a conference in Carey, NC at TWR (Trans World Radio).  It was a syposium on ministering to the poor without hurting them.  No surprise the Brian Fikkert was one of their presenters, and Joe had a good time catching up with him and discussing the increased interest in his book. 

I was blessed to spend the weekend with Amy and some of her Bible Study ladies at the beach on Pawleys Island.  It was mostly sunny and sometimes warm, but the company was excellent and it was good to be in the company of ladies who like to laugh (and eat).

Our course continued north from the Carolinas, through Virginia briefly, and then through W. Virginia to Ohio.  Springboro was our destination and cousins our anticipation.  We were anxious to see the Blacks and we had a great time going to debate tournaments, doing school together, and getting our baby fix.

Then we got the news that Barb (Joe's mom) had a heart episode and had made a visit to the hospital.  After some tests, she was scheduled for open heart surgery.  We quickly decided that we should fly to Tucson to spend a few days with her before the surgery.  She made it through the surgery, but has had a difficult time recovering.  Joe, Emily and Max are still in Tucson, and I have returned to Ohio.  We are praying for her healing and for God to spare her any more pain.

More details about all of this to come...in order to avoid a VERY long post!