The Adventure really began many months ago.  Maybe even years ago.  Through God's divine providence, the events of our lives have been orchestrated and ordained to bring us to today.

And what about today?  As May comes to a close, we say good-bye to our house of 10 years.  Camino Principal has been the site of many birthday parties, family gatherings,  baby showers, Young Life clubs, pool parties, card games,  and impromptu BBQs.  Earlier this year we closed a business and sold the sweet Hale Ohana in Hawaii.  Now all of our personal belongings sit in boxes and bins, a few pieces of furniture are stored, and we are ready to go!

Where to?  Until last night that was still a big questions!  We were the high bidder on a 1996 Prevost Bus.  The Bus needs some interior work, but we have a few weeks to work on it before we take off on our great adventure.