One of the work projects we worked on - taking down a rickety kiosk.
Max with Israel and Peter. We had a day off and got to hang out at the beach with the team.
One day we set up an obstacle course all around the Lar and had a 'mud run'. The kids LOVED it!
This week we're doing medical clinics out in some surrounding areas including some favela's (slum areas). We have a pediatrician, dermatologist and ENT doctor with us. We also have an Registered nurse and several aspiring medical students on the trip. During the clinics we run some VBS activities for the kids waiting.
It has been awesome for all of us to be able to tell the people we are serving that we are here because of Jesus. The physical needs here might be great but the love of Christ is something that offers lasting relief.
Before we even arrived we each had a child of the orphanage assigned to us. My little girl is Ariele. And she is precious. And beautiful. She kisses my head and holds my hand and searches me out in any crowd. Picture to come soon as soon as the Internet is strong enough to upload it.

Tomorrow we start our 4th and final day of vbs for the orphanage kids. Emily and I have been working in crafts and Joe and Max do crazy skits. Muito amore! (much love!)

All is well tonight at the Davis Lar. We're making new friends and bathing in the swimming pool.

Tonight I played Bingo with the house moms. We've been meeting every night to honor them and do some sharing. What a special group of ladies who love and care for the orphaned and abandoned. What a privilege to sit beside them and read God's word and eat candy.

Buon Noche!
We are on our way to Brazil! We leave Tucson in just a few minutes for a long day of travel. Pray for us please! We're all feeling good and we got everything packed! Whoo hoo!

We'll be staying at an orphanage in Fortleza. Hopefully we'll be able to post a few pictures and stories as we go.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us as we undertook this trip. Financially and prayerfully we have received an abundance of love and encouragement.

Praying God's blessings on His work!