I began blogging when we started this whole idea of a road trip.  And I have to say, I don't give myself very high marks for consistency.  I wanted to share so much more...pictures, stories, thoughts from the road, but sometimes you are so busy living in the moment you can't translate it into a blog post. 

So here's to 2012 and blogging and a look back at the road traveled in the last months of our Adventure on the road.  For the Adventure is sure to continue...
Emily and Jade.  I love these girls and I love them more when they're together.  They are what cousins ought to be.  And that's an Ohio sunset.

Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale, Michigan...who knew we would end up there for a week of Young Lives camp?  Teen moms, their babies, and their mentors make for a crazy camping experience.  Just a reminder that God uses the small, weak, "the least of these" to show us His great power and glory!  
Wow, that St. Louis arch is tall!
These 2 are good sports.  That's pod #6 to ride to the top of the St. Louis arch - we made it INTO the pod, and Joe and I promptly opted to exit.  They followed us like good children do, but then they were kinda mad they didn't go on without us.
If only I had a tripod I could have been in this cool picture too.

This makes the whole trip worth it all.

There's a picture of 2 year old Max in an album somewhere in front of this same tire.  He's grown a bit.  We've all grown.

A rainbow over the Arkansas Valley in Buena Vista, Colorado.  One of the most beautiful spots on the planet, and one of our favorites.  God's promises never fail.  He took care of it all that day.

This little guy, along with his adorable brothers, will likely be the reason I someday come home with another child...from where, I don't know.  Thanks to the Blacks for all the good family times.

One of the best days ever...the day we picked Emily up from Redcloud, where she spent 3 weeks serving families (and her 15th birthday.)  I think we all just felt sheer joy being together again.  And she took her brother repelling to celebrate.
Max was a superstar football player...what a payoff to work so hard, love the game, and then win the state championship...all in your first season to ever put on pads. 

I don't think we've ever been so proud of him.

So the year in the rearview mirror looks like a life lived to the full.  Blessed in so many ways and thankful to have lived and loved with no regrets.