As we were driving back toward Tucson, I was feeling the temperature rise, bracing myself for the wave of HOT that would be hitting my face as I stepped off the bus for the first time.  Then I realized that it was actually getting hotter on the bus, and it wasn't just my imagination!  So, we find out that our generator (the auxillary power source...things like lights and A/C) was dying and would likely not be worth repairing.

This trip to Tucson was a planned pit-stop to replace a broken side window and make some minor repairs and modifications to Buster (see Buster's very own page on this blog).  What we didn't PLAN was a major, big ticket item replacement!  But God, of course, always has a plan.  In fact it is THE plan, and we sometimes have to adjust our idea of what the plan is to be more in line with His plan. 

So as we set out to find a new generator and the funds to buy it, we settled into a routine of WAITING.  Not the easiest path when you've committed your life to traveling for the next year.  But, again, God in His providence, began showing us what we were "waiting" for.  Over the past few weeks we have been so blessed to be able to spend relaxed time with friends and family, thank supporters and encouragers, serve our church, meet many new people, attend trainings, begin homeschooling, make connections with other ministries, and so much more!

"For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content."  (Phil 4:11)  This has certainly become our mantra.  Even in our waiting, we simply long to be in the center of God's will for us, and in it we will be content.

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