It's been a little over a month (it had been, when I wrote this) now since we returned from Brazil.  After two weeks in Brazil, and 6 weeks before that on the road, it has been back to the reality of the Tucson heat!  And back to "what's next?" for the A's.  
Even though we prepared (somewhat) for our re-entry, it's still hard to put the whole experience into words.  At least into words that do it justice.
On some level, it was about these amazing children.  The love.  Full of life.  The joy in their faces and the sadness in their eyes.
And then it was about the work we could do there.  For them.  With them.  VBS.  Medical clinics.  Hugs.  Gifts.  Crafts.  Songs.
Being "assigned" to a Arieli before we even left the US, writing letters, sending pictures,  gave us a head start on our love.  She was here with 3 of her siblings, an older sister and a younger sister and brother.  They had only been at the Lar for a few months.  Nine years old and she told me her mom had "problems", and had brought them here.  After hearing so many horror stories, I am so thankful that she is at the Lar.  She is safe and loved.  And she is being taught about the One who can care and love her through anything.
When I looked at her, I saw myself at 9.  Spunky, confident, not afraid to sing out loud, and a little bossy.  The night we said goodbye, my heart broke as she cried into my shoulder.  Sweetest.  Thing.  Ever.  Oh how I would have loved to bring her home.  And I'm fairly certain I would have, if that was allowed.
But really it was all about God.  What he's doing around the world in the lives of His people.  Whatever feeble gifts and sacrifices we make are nice trinkets, really. We raise money, travel a long distance, sleep on the floor, sweat buckets, shower occasionally, work, work, work, all the while giving what we we think is our all.

When in reality, it is all just about God.  How great and marvelous are the works of His hands.  The lives He will save and redeem to bring Himself glory.  And we got to see a little tiny part of it.  The miracle was right there and we were there to see it.

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