Even though it's been a few weeks since my last blog entry, it does not mean that nothing has happened.  Of course Christmas has now come and gone, and we managed nicely to make Buster come alive with the holiday spirit.  It's been pretty chilly 'round these parts, but we are blessed to be warm and cozy inside of our home on wheels.
It was a little colder than we are used to
We camped at a state park just a few miles from the Haleys.  So we had the best of Buster and the best of friends!

Tiny Tree Christmas
I apparently failed to pack a box of Christmas decorations.  (It WAS June when I was packing), so we had nothing.  Thankfully the Haleys had an excess, and so we had just enough to get us in the spirit of things without going overboard.  This is Buster in his decorated state.  We tried to make a Bethlehem star on the side of Buster, but after fashioning the star and mounting it, half of the lights didn't work.  So we just scrapped that idea.

We were so glad to receive so many Christmas cards!  You found us!

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, we kept busy with school work, Christmas shopping, going to the library, and hangin' with the Haleys.  We also:
  • went to the Rock Hill Christmas parade
  • got to know some RV neighbors who gave us some knitting lessons and lots of love
  • had lunches with old friends and dinners with new ones
  • knitted and crocheted gifts for a handmade Christmas
  • watched our favorite Christmas movies and made our usual cookies and treats
Max went to Jacob's 12th birthday party with a bunch of boys and lots of pizza and wings.  Max and Jake spent lots of time together over the weeks going fishing, playing the Wii and pool, and I think he slept over about every other night. 

Max's hair got shorter and shorter as he got taller and taller.  I think he may have just been trying to blend in with the Haleys.

Emily's choice of activity was the modern art museum:  The Mint Museum in downtown Charlotte.


Here's a little slide show of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Click "Play".
We'll be heading to Florida for some warmer weather and to visit with family and friends.  It seems they are everywhere!  Who knew!?!

12/27/2010 20:52

Glad to read about and see photos of your Merry/White Christmas. Happy 2011!

12/29/2010 09:19

Looks like you had a great time! Wonderful pictures...Love you friends!

01/06/2011 16:51

I miss you guys! I hope 2011 is filled with as much joy and adventure as 2010.


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