The Atkinsons are not "angels" by any stretch of the imagination, and I hesitate to use this verse as any sort of reference to our little family.  With that said, I must take a moment to quote Hebrews 13: "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

We have been the undeserved recipients of several acts of extreme hospitality in the past few weeks that I must mention.

Two Rivers Church
Two Rivers Church in Knoxville, TN welcomed us, gave us a tour of their new facility, and let us park for the night.  Our friends, the Kemps, with Feeding God's Children attend church here and arranged our stay for us.  They have an awesome Youth Room with outdoor activities and frisbee golf!  Max and Joe played a few rounds!

the youth room at Two Rivers Church
From Knoxville we headed to the Washington DC area to do some educational sightseeing.  Joe found Wallace Presbyterian Church online, and decided we should visit there.

We arrived on a Saturday, and they were having a Fall Festival for the lilttle ones.  We just showed up and made ourselves useful.  Emily was introduced to some girls her age and that was the last we saw of her!  She now has some new facebook friends and some experience in turning strangers into friends.

The deacons of the church invited us to park and "plug in" Buster to the church for the night.  Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. 

We've learned a lot through these stays...sometimes you have to put yourself "out there" and take a risk.  It's a risk to show up at a place (even a church) without knowing anyone.  They don't know you.  Will they talk to you?  At both of these churches we were shown kindness and hospitality and for that we are grateful!  We are also reminded to be aware of how we treat "strangers" in our midst, whether it be at church or on the street.

On a practical note, as we head into the winter months, this southern Arizona family will be looking for places to park that have ample wattage so that our heaters work well.  It's getting into the low 30's and sometimes even into the 20's at night!  Brrrrrr!  We'll be spending December in the Charlotte area, and then we'll likely be heading to Florida to escape the cold.     

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