The Bus is moving are some "along the way" pics.  Tomorrow we hope to be "done" and on to loading it up! 

Friday evening we're having a "bus warming" party for friends to come and see how it all turned out.  Then Saturday we will be packing it up with all of our stuff so we can head to Forest Home camp on Sunday with our CFC family. 

We've spent a lot of sweet moments with friends and family this week as we prepare to go.  It's exciting and a little bit sad.  Looking at this as a long trip away from home. 

Kids bunk area.  I think this is Max's new room.



Master bedroom tear out...our bed will go in here somewhere...somehow.
Master bedroom now a blank canvas...Joe contemplating his next step.

06/29/2010 12:00

I look forward to hearing more details of your adventure and seeing updated photos. Is there a focus to your ministry. I don't think I have heard of bam. What do they do?
Let me know when you get to KY.
I will be praying for you all to be instruments in God's hands.
YOur Cuz,

07/06/2010 09:50

You need to post some AFTER photos here on the blog.

Kristina Graham
07/11/2010 15:32

Yes, we really need to see the AFTER photos now!! I wanna show off your handy work!!

10/22/2013 01:01

Is there a way to search blogs on Weebly?


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