This week we bought the much anticipated generator.  Several donations made it possible for us to order it and pick it up the very next day in Phoenix!  We were blessed by God to within $5 of the purchase price.  So many other special things happened during our stay in Tucson that we can hardly ignore the fact that indeed "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose."  While it was hard to find peace in the midst of uncertainty, it was there, just under the surface at times.  But we kept reminding ourselves (and each other) that God had something for us to learn while we waited.  So now we begin to countdown our final week in Tucson before heading off to the east.  We hope to leave on Thursday or Friday next week to drive to North Carolina.  We'll go through Texas to see Tutu & Jim, and Debbie & Paul in Ft. Worth and then on through the southern states toward N. Carolina.

10/13/2010 09:20

Did Buster get his exterior makeover? If so, post some pics!


I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and created a Weebly account too.


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