Joe and I hit the road on Wednesday, June 30, headed towards Forest Home to pick up our kids and a few others.   We spent our first official night on the bus in a parking lot in Yucaipa (?).  Due to a construction traffic delay we pulled in about 3am.  Not an auspicious start, but memorable.  Pulled into Forest Home around 8 am on Thursday, just in time to spend the last day of camp with everyone.  We had a sweet worship time and communion on Thursday night and heard many great testimonies from our kids from CFC about what God had shown them during the week.   I shouldn't be amazed (but I am) by the spiritual truths that come out of the mouths of our children.

Friday morning when we left, the tears started...I couldn't help myself.  Maybe from holding them back for so long. 
me and Wendy
Dropped off John and Thomas Webster at the airport on the way to Temecula.  Thanks to John for being a great counselor for the boys at Adventure Mountain!

Continued on to Temecula where the Hughes' met us to pick up Tanner and Haley.  Waiting in the parking lot, who should pull up but....Brett!  He was heading back from the grocery store, and there we were!  After our last passengers departed, we headed to the Dorothy Alice Winery!

Tom WInans
07/05/2010 06:58

OKay ... so for those of us just catching up ... you've sold your home, and you've sold businesses. You've bought a bus. And you're heading "out" to tour the continental US with no endpoint in mind?

Do I have it right?

It actually sounds quite cool, if so ... just trying to see if I am tracking ...

Best to you all, travel safely, take lots of pictures, and see/take God wherever you go!


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