Two weeks after heart surgery, our mom, mother-in-law, grammy, and biggest cheerleader, Barbara Jo Atkinson, left this world and went to be with Jesus.  She was a miracle in the flesh.  Her flesh actually was the miracle.  We just didn't know how much of a miracle she was until the doctors were continually baffled by how her body had come to function in the 37 years since her treatment for breast cancer.  The treatment for her cancer was ultimately what caused her earthly death on April 21, 2011  Radiation therapy had caused damage to her heart and lungs that her body could no longer overcome.
She was my mother-in-law for 24 years, and a spritual mother for much longer.  I can't remember NOT knowing her. (LIterally I've known her since I was very small)  
Last night I made one of the family favorites:  spice cake with peanut butter frosting.  Joe's birthday is this weekend, and everyone loves it.  And it turned out REALLY good.  Probably my best ever.  I think she would be proud.

06/14/2011 15:18

She told me many times that it was Joe's favorite and I know it would please her much that you are carrying on the tradition...especially for his birthday.

06/15/2011 07:36

Tina, Beautifully put.and I'm sure she would be honored you carry on the tradition of Joe's favorite (spice cake and peanut butter frosting.

06/15/2011 09:07

Tina, your post made me cry, but it's a good thing because we have so many wonderful memories and traditions from Mom. Just the other day Halle was talking about Grammy's spice cake w/peanutbutter frosting. When you return to Tucson we'll have to make one to celebrate your return just like Mom would've done if she were here.
Love & miss you all,

06/15/2011 14:09

Tina and Joe,

Blessings and love to you both!

Kaylee Bowers
06/21/2011 16:27

We're praying for you! God bless.

06/26/2011 05:08

Loving on your beautiful header,
the love splashed so tenderly here.
Bright summertime grace to you
and your journey,

Bonny Craig
07/09/2011 19:34

Love your post. Really good food and her go together in my mind :) She was one of the most hospitable persons that I know. Do you think you could post this spice cake with peanut butter frosting?



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