Independence Day.  February 27th in the Dominican Republic.  A two-hour school program.  Adorable!

I haven't smiled and laughed so much since getting here.  From fantastic dances to political skits, humorous vignettes and beautiful faces.  And these kids have been taught their history!  I was particularly impressed with their portrayal of the political issues that the DR has faced.  Serious topics for first graders.  This culture is full of life and energy with seemingly little self-consciousness.  Teenagers dancing in costume?  Yep! 

Heather Choi
04/22/2013 16:56

Hi Tina and Family,

Haven't written in a while. But have been thinking about you all and praying for you all.
It sounds like you are having a blessed time. What a gift you are and sounds like, are being given back. How I would love to visit with Ian to the DR. I would love him to see how others live and experience what it means to work as a team for His Kingdom.
WIll pray for your prayer requests, miss talking to you :)

Take care,
Heather and Hoon


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