Begin humming now....ok, so we're on our way down to Temecula after picking up the kids from camp, and we make our usual stop at Home Depot to gather supplies to fix something or other.  Emily and I are on the bus and there is a knock at the door.  Emily yells back to me, "Mom, it's some lady who knows us."  Interesting description.  Not sure what she is really saying, so I go to the door and it's Robin Petteys!  Robin and Leno are friends from church in Tucson, who have a place in Rancho Bernardo.  Apparently we were at "their" Home Depot!  So we followed Robin home and had a great visit.  We returned to their house later in the week for lunch and to dry some laundry. 

Chance?  Coincidence?  Is it really a small world?  No, God has ordered our steps!  And we are so thankful that God has blessed us with spiritual mothers and fathers who share their lives with us.

12/01/2010 00:10

You look like a writer of fluency and felicity, of graciousness and gentleness.


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