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New York City, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, and my favorite name, Gotham. Random Fact: Gotham is a nickname coined by Washington Irving. Gotham means Goat-town, and folk tales make it out to be a town of simple minded fools. I like it becuase Batrman wrecks every bad guy in it. My dad and I on our way back from La Republica Dominicana, had a 13 hour layover in this gigantic city. We landed at JFK Intl. Airport at 6 A.M. and flew out at 7 P.M. But we did everything in between.

What better way to start the day (haha that ryhmed) than a bagel and lox? Why a bagel and lox in New York, of course. We rode the subway from JFK to the World Trade Center Memorial and walked to the Backstage Deli on our way to Battery Park.
After walking around for a couple hours, seeing The Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron building, Grand Central Terminal, countless other subway cars, we saw a bunch of asians taking pictures of the butt of the wall street bull. It was way funnier in person. We then took the subway to Yankee Stadium, for my first Yankee game. 
We then took a walk through central park. I found a spot to hang up my SOCO hammock. We took a final subway back to the air port and left NYC.

Karina Desroses
01/26/2015 19:22

Hey guys!! Nice pictures and posts... But they are from sooooo long ago! New updates please!!


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