Jennifer mentioned to me the other day that maybe I am missing the point of a blog.  She would apparently like to have more frequent posts.  I do have some good reasons for these lapses in posts.  Being new at this blogging business I am still feeling a little insecure wondering if anyone really cares what I write.  I also tend to get motion sick when I am not otherwise concentrating on NOT getting motion sick.  This would involve me looking straight ahead and not looking down, around, or backwards OR lying in a fetal position on the couch (the added benefit of traveling on a bus is that we actually have a couch for a backseat).  So while I would love to be multi-tasking while we are cruising down the road, it is just not practical for me.  And so I must wait until we stop, when of course, there are many other things to do that require my attention.  You would be amazed at how much time it takes to keep 300 sq. ft. tidy and orderly.

So, for Jennifer, and the rest of our fans...I mean are some of the places we have been since we left Jennifer in San Diego on July 10 - oh my, it has been a while...sorry!
my grandpa Hargis
While in San Diego, we parked in front of Casa de Jennifer - a lovely neighborhood and exceptional hostessing!   We got to see lots of friends and family while in San Diego.  Joe and I lived in San Diego for about 5 years while I was in going to law school at the University of San Diego.  We love SD and the weather this week was AWESOME, even chilly!   We also got to see my Dad and brother DJ and sister Alex.

Belinda, Dad, Emily and Max
Here we are with Jen.  For the record, I beat her twice at Upwords.  That's a personal record for me.  I'm not sure I've ever even beat her before!  I was feeling so smart.

the Riojas' live in Oceanside...we tried to play at Mission Bay but it was too cold!
Dave, Vivi and Ian came to visit us!

07/20/2010 19:55

Hi Tina,

I'm loving reading your blog.
Shelbie said that you are in Roseberg, Oregon....we thought
that it was a great place and a river
that actually has water in it. Great
wine country all the way through the
countryside of Oregon and Washington.

Looking forward to hearing's great "travelling" with
you all!!

07/20/2010 22:32

YAY!!! An update!! Love reading about your adventures (and I think everyone else does too!) Not so much loving the outing of my subpar Upwords performance and the picture after hours of yard work, but hey...i'll take what i can get! ;-) Love you guys!! Keep the updates coming! Hugs!


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