We made a few other notable visits in Ft. Myers. 
ECHO:  Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization   ECHO provides assistance to poor farmers all over the world.  They work with famers in other countries to improve growing, they have a seed bank, they have a glabal farm where they develop their knowledge base.   We took a tour of ECHO's Global Farm.   It was quite educational.

At the Weinman's suggestions we visited a "fair trade" store owned and operated by a friend of theirs.  He, She & Me is affiliated with the Ten Thousand Villages stores and offers hand-crafted fair trade items from around the world.  We learned much about how every purchase empowers the impoverished.  We hope to be a involved in making more products available for purchase in order to help bring dignity and wealth to the poor.


03/11/2011 14:31

Where exactly is Ft. Myers in relation to Orlando? I need to google it... :)


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