School on the road has its pros and cons.  We pretty much speed through the book work, and try to focus on other things to do in the area.  Reading probably accounts for about half of our course load.
As a bonus, I found the Disney Youth Education Series online a few weeks before our trip to Florida.   They offer classes for the kids and in addition you can purchase a discounted tickets for the students and their chaperones.  This made our Disney trip affordable and educational!  The kids attended a half day Physics class at the Magic Kingdom that was informative and quite enjoyable.  They went behind the scenes of the Haunted Mansion and Stitch's Great Escape.  They offer classes at different parks in different subjects.  Next time you head to one of the Disney parks, check it out!

A few weeks later, we were back in Orlando for a few days, and Emily and I were able to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.  We had a great time and the play was fantastic!


02/17/2011 13:35

I read this the other day. It sounds like you are learning!

02/17/2011 19:12

Wow Em looks really happy

03/11/2011 14:29

We're heading to Orlando next week.

The Disney Youth Education Series sounds spectacular, but our girls are still a little young for it (ages 2 + 4). ;)

What other attractions did you visit while you were in the area?


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