I (Joe) traveled to Thailand in March at the invitation of Charlie Milbrodt.   The Milbrodt's have lived in Thailand for over 25 years.  This was my first trip to Asia, and I was without my Asian wife.  It was beautiful and smoky.  The dry season in Thailand means burning the fields.  Which means smoky skies.
This is one of the churches that was dedicated.  At sunrise.

And below I'm wearing the "Thailand" shirt I was given when I arrived.  With me is Garun, who is in charge of the coffee growing program and the Bible school.  They go hand in hand in Thailand.
The man above on the right used to be the village witch doctor.  Many years ago he chased Christians out of the village. He became very sick and asked some of the Christians to come help him. They came and shared how the only help was for him to put his trust in God.  The former witch doctor is now the regional pastor. 
This church was built by the people in the village using materials that are bought or harvested in the region. Some of the churches are built with block, while others are built using teak or mahogany. This church is mahogany.
Water buffalo.  Pastor's wife.  That's Thailand.

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