Decided to spend the next few days camped in one spot, get some work done, relax after doing a lot of sightseeing in Astoria.  (For those of you who are "date conscious" this was last week, about 7/25, 7/26...something like that)  We spent 2 nights at an RV camp ground in Westport, Washington, a small fishing town on the coast.  We were in walking distance of the beach and right near the marina.  I was getting used to the fishy smell, but could not get used to the cold.  While cooking dinner out on our new little grill, we could see our breath!  Joe bought some fresh caught salmon and grilled it up for us.  It was kind of cool to see people walking in off the charter boats with big plastic bags full of fish.  Why must every town be remembered for what was eaten there?  Little Richard's Doughnuts were a big hit for Joe and Max, who went out on their bikes early to seek out the famous donut joint.  Turns out you could see it from where our bus was parked.

After the second night was colder than the first, we decided to move on toward Seattle.  Sorry, no pictures :(

12/07/2013 21:43

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