We joined an RV Camping club called Thousand Trails right before heading to Florida.  It has made our camping fees much more affordable, and frankly the planning a whole lot easier.  It's not easy to plan where to stay and all when you've never even been to the city before!  So joining the Thousand Trails Zone Camping program has been great for us so far. 

One of the parks is in the Florida Keys, so we made a trek to the southern most part of the state (and United States).  We drove down long stretches of bridge and sand bars to reach the Ohio Key, about an hour from Key West.

Words that I would use to describe the Keys:
  • muggy (hot and humid, even in January)
  • sandy (it's really just a big sand bar, as far as the eye can see)
  • fishy (boats and seagulls everywhere)
  • tiki bars (they were everywhere, or should I say, everyone had one)
We visited Key West, mostly so we could say we've been there.  Took the obligatory picture at the "southernmost" point, and then we headed home.  We did have an AMAZING key lime biegnet before heading back to Buster.

One afternoon Joe and Max rented a kayak and paddled out to a little island.  There were tons of birds and fish.


03/11/2011 14:26

I'm so glad you mentioned Thousand Trails. I actually have several questions about it.

1) What zone did you purchase?
2) Are the campgrounds in convenient locations?
3) Are the campgrounds well-kept?
4) What % of the time do you stay at TT campgrounds?
5) What would you say are the "cons" of the membership?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. :)


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