As I alluded to on Facebook a few weeks ago, we have met "others".  "Others" that are like us...they sold most of their earthly possessions, bought a home on wheels, packed up their 2 great kids, started roadschooling and hit the road.  Oh, and they love Jesus.  And they are not really sure where they're going (except around the country in said home on wheels) and they are trusting God to lead them.  Wow, sound familiar? 
They're the Lawsons from the Seattle area and they are awesome!  It's really no wonder that we became fast friends.  We've met 2 times now and hope to see each other many more times on the road.  
God is so good to us. He has provided everything we have needed.  Not necessarily all of our wants, but definitely our needs.  He really blessed us by giving us this gift.  These fun and loving people could completely relate to all that we are going through.  It was great to have someone "get" me.

But there is one thing that we don't have in common...they just found out that they are expecting a baby.  Surprise!  

03/11/2011 14:25

Thanks for the pictures and entries

03/11/2011 14:35

Isn't it fun to meet other traveling families? It's so refreshing and there is almost always an instant connection.

Shelley Meier
03/12/2011 13:10

Danielle I love the pictures that you are taking. Looks like you are meeting new friends and seeing and learning lots. I enjoyed looking at your blogs what fun. Take care and hope to chat soon. Shelley


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