One of our hopes in going to Brazil was to work with some of the older teens.  Developing skills and training the older kids so that their transition out of the children's home is a key part of the Davis Lar's program.  

While our days were full of VBS and other pre-planned activities, Joe was able to work closely with one boy, Ze Luis.  An 18 year old who lives at the boys transition home in Eusebio, Luis loves to work in the bakery there.  (The coconut bread they make there is amazing!)  He also likes woodworking.  Good thing he was paired with Joe.  They worked on several projects together along with his sister and some other girls who live at the Lar.
One of the unique features of the Davis Lar is they are one of the few homes who take sibling groups.  They keep kids together when they've got nothing else.
These two girls were hard workers!  Safety first!
Luis with a neighborhood dog.
One project we worked on was making benches for the dining hall.  Max was working the saw with Rebecca's help.  He did great on the trip.  So proud of him.  Despite the mosquito bites and the frogs, he had a great experience.
Here's a pic of the group testing out the new bench.  One of the best parts of the trip was working with not only our group of Americans, but the Brazillian kids joining right in.

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