One of our "must see" stops was Yosemite.   It was my (Tina) favorite stop so far.  The best part about this national park is that the whole floor of the canyon is flat and has a winding, paved path all the way around.  It's great for walking or biking, and the meadows are amazing.   The park is serviced by a great shuttle system that cuts down on the traffic, and makes it easy to get around.
El Capitan
Our first day, we parked in the "bus" lot.  Basically a parking lot for tour buses. We apparently qualify.  But our second day...while we were sleeping Joe drove us into the park and found a great spot at a picnic ground.  We woke up parked underneath big trees, just a few yards from the river. 

One of the beauties of living on a bus is waking up to a new backyard (and front yard) every day.   We've awakened to dairy farms, Walmarts, churches, busy cities and national parks.  But the beauty lies in knowing that no matter where we wake up, God has given us that day as a gift.  One of my favorite quotes is "Today is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to Him."


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